About The committees of STC

A great deal of productive work has been done in shaping the character of this college by the staff committee organization. Many of these committees are action groups as well as policy recommending and advisory groups. The committees include:
1. The Cabinet – The Principal and all the Vice-Principals
2. The Executive committee
3. College council
4. Adademic board
5. Assembly committee
6. Disciplinary committee
7. Internal examination committee
8. Welfare committee
9. Labour committee
10. Continous assessment committee
11. Sports committee
12. College committee
13. Library committee
14. Social/ entertainment committee
15. Classroom/ office furniture committee.
16. Registration committee
17. External examination committe
18. Cultural committee
19. Sickbay/health committee.
20. Extra-mural committee
21. Works committee
22. Bazaar committee.
23. School farm.
24. Food and price control committee.
25. Sanitation / environmental.