The STC exams

Like every other school in the country, St. Teresa?s College Nsukka evaluates her students termly on learning experiences they are being exposed to through subjecting them to internal examinations preparatory to BECE AND SSCE.

However, in order to uphold the principle of merit upon which All educational systems are built, as well as maintain the high educational standard in the College in keeping with the spirit of the founding fathers together with the expectations of the alumni, the authorities of the college have the standing rule of ?Fail and fail our? and also zero tolerance for examination malpractice.

Hence, one of the internal rules and regulations enshrined in the College Handbook states that:
Any student involved in examination malpractice of any shade
whatsoever at any level, shall face instant expulsion and such a
student shall not be entitled to any result or testimonial from
the college, while the transfer certificates for students under this
category shall be marked ?Expelled for Examination Malpractice.?

1. Records the students? exam results.
2. Produces the results of the students.
3. Corrects results of students who have problems.
4. Prepares transcript (hard copy) for ex-students who may need them.
5. Keeps custody of teachers? grade books, computer grade booklets and exam/answer sheets.