St. Teresa's College was founded by His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Charles Heerey the Archbishop of Onitsha in 1948 as a grade II Teacher Training College with Rev. Fr. William Butler as the founding principal. His appointment was based on his perceived competence as a teacher at Christ the King College Onitsha, from where he was sent to head this college. This college ran a two-year grade III Teacher Training programme for four years – 1948-1952.
In 1952, the school was converted from a teacher training college to a secondary school. This was in realization of the fact that the two catholic secondary schools – C.K.C., Onitsha and C.I.C. Enugu – were not enough to provide a sound catholic education for the male children in the vast Archdiocese of Onitsha which comprised the present Awgu , Awka, Enugu, Nnewi and Nsukka dioceses.
Between 1948 and 1964, the college was headed by the Rev. Frs. Of the Holy Ghost Congregation. In 1964 the college fell into the hands of lay people with diverse abilities and interests. As a result, both the fame and the standard of the college started waning. This was understandable because religion and other moral desirable values, which the priests inculcated in the students started to disappear.
The appointment of Rev. Fr. Dr. John Martin Chikani as the Principal of the college in 1991 came as a welcome relief. With his charismatic leadership, he began the rebuilding of the already dilapidated college both in structures and morals.
Although the task was not an easy one, he utilized his God-given courage, fought all odds, stood his ground and insisted on discipline and hard work, trusting in the Almighty God to whom he handed over the leadership of the college; he was able with time to pull the college back to what it was known for in the past. He equally moved the college ahead of other secondary schools not only in the zone, but throughout the Eastern states of the federation. Today, St. Teresa’s College is the talk of the town in discipline, sports and academic excellence.
In September 2006, the college was demerged into Senior and Junior colleges following the introduction of the Universal Basic Education policy of the Federal Government. This necessitated the appointment of Rev. Fr. Igwebueze John C. as the Principal of the Junior section of the college. He piloted the affairs of this section till 2009 when the State Government returned all mission schools to their rightful owners and following the retirement and redeployment of Rev. Fr. Dr. J.M. Chikani; Rev. Fr. Ugwebueze, J.C. became the overall Principal of the college. He has toed the footsteps of his predecessor priest principals in maintaining discipline and moral standard of the college. The profiles of the past leaders of the college are presented below:
1. Rev. Fr. William Butler 1948 - 1963(Founding Principal)
2. Rev. Fr. Mac. Mahon 1963 - 1964
3. Mr. N.N. Enemuoh 1964 - 1971
4. Mr. P. C. Nwosu 1971 - 1972
5. Mr. Odukwe 1972 - 1973
6. Mr. P.C. Agusiobo 1973 - 1977
7. Mr. Ezeoke 1977 - 1978
8. Mr. Osakwe 1978 - 1979
9. Mr. O. Amu-Nnadi 1979 - 1982
10. Mr. B.C. Ani 1982 - 1983
11. Mr. F. N. Okagu 1983 - 1987
12. Mr. J.B.C. Okonkwo 1987 - 1988
13. Mr. L.O. Chikwendu 1988 - 1991
14. Rev. Fr. Dr. J.M. Chikani 1991 - 2009
15. Rev. Fr. Igwebueze J.C. 2006 - 2009 (Junior)
16. Rev. Fr. Igwebueze J.C. 2009 - June 2014 (Both Junior & senior)
17. Rev. Fr. Dr. Ezikanyi M.S. July 2014 - Till date