Past and Present Pricipals of the STC
S/N Photo Name Period Note Status
1 Rev Fr Williams Butler 1948 - 1963 The founding principal. He was an Irish missionary that worked in Eastern Nigeria. Is believed that he was tranferred from our sister school CKC Onitsha.His students are now Professors,Architects,Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians e.t.c of great repute. His portrait is at the school round about. Most of his students are Arc Agu B.O(Port Harcourt branch) Unknown
2 Rev. Fr. Mac. Mahon 1963 - 1964 The second principal. He was an Irish missionary that worked in Eastern Nigeria too.He was on a short term mission in the school. Unknown
3 Mr. N.N. Enemuoh 1964 - 1971 The first lay principal. He was regarded as the civil war principal. His period was ravaged by the Nigerian/Biafran War of 1967-1970 Unknown
4 Mr. P. C. Nwosu 1971 - 1972 The second lay principal. He was for a short term too. Unknown
5 Mr. Odukwe 1972 - 1973 He continued after P.C Nwosu but was replaced soon after in 1973 Unknown
6 Mr. P.C. Agusiobo 1973 - 1977 Unknown
7 Mr. Ezeoke 1977 - 1978 Unknown
8 Mr. Osakwe 1978 - 1979 Unknown
9 Mr. O. Amu-Nnadi 1979 - 1982 The 9th Principal and his students are one of the most unified currently. He produced eminent citizen Like Ifeanyi Ugwauanyi(Gburugburu), the former Governor of Enugu state, Bar Ken Esq(Port Harcourt), e.t.c. Unknown
10 Mr. B.C. Ani 1982 - 1983 The 8th lay principal who took over from Mr. O. Amu-Nnadi. Unknown
11 Mr. F. N. Okagu 1983 - 1987 Unknown
12 Mr. J.B.C. Okonkwo 1987 - 1988 He was on short term but made a very strong impart. As an oldboy of the school, he worked hard to align the school to her former glory but barely stayed a year .He was a renowned historian of Igbo Land and a graduate of UNN. J.B.C Okonkwo was the former National President of STOBA-St Teresa's Oldboys Association. He is a man of STC spirit! Some of his students include Uche Okenyi F(Port Harcourt) etc Alive
13 Mr. L.O. Chikwendu 1988 - 1991 He was so far the last lay Principal before the return of the Rev Frs.He handed over to Rev Fr JM Chikani Unknown
14 Rev Fr Dr JM Chikani 1991 - 2009 Rev Fr Dr Johnmartins Chukwuemeka Chikani (Headmaster) from Owerre Eze Oba, Enugu State, was the first indigenous Rev Fr to head the school since the exit of Fr Mac Mahon. Despite the challenges of the time, he took the bull by the horn and turned things around We can agree he restored the school to more than her former glory and set the school to compete globally. And by the time he was leaving in 2009 after 18 years, he has graduated hundreds of men of integrity who are currently blazing trails around the world. He was popularly known as 'Okoman' by the students. He is currently making waves in St Patrick's College, Obollo-Eke. His birthday is on the 11th of November Alive
15 Rev. Fr. Igwebueze J.C. 2009 - 2014 The education system was abruptly severed and secondary was to have principals for both Junior and for the senior Fr Igwebueze was appointed as the principal for junior school, 2006 while Fr JM has to focus on the senior school. But this was not to last long as Fr Igwebueze became the principal for both in 2009 when Fr JM left for St Patrick's. He was the head until June 2014 when Fr Dr Ezikanyi took over Alive
16 Rev. Fr. Dr. Ezikanyi M.S. 2014 - 2022 Rev Fr Dr M. S Ezikanyi. He hails from Aku in Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State. Rev. Fr. Ezikanyi Mellitus had his primary education at Premier Primary School Aku, Secondary education at St. John Cross Seminary Nsukka, Tertiary education at St. Joseph's Major Seminary Ikot Ekpene and post graduate studies at University of Nigeria Nsukka. He is a Ph.D holder in educational administration and planning. He enjoys reading, playing volley ball, observing and directing the activities of the youths towards having a better future. He took over from Rev. Fr. J.C. Igwebueze on 30th of June 2014. He skyrocketed the school to enviable height. He was a Man of Order Discipline and Infrastructure(MODI) He was on massive infrastructural development of the school. Alive
17 Rev. Fr. Ali Paul Ifeanyi. 2022 - Till Date Rev. Fr. Ali Paul Ifeanyi. He hails from Umachi in Igbo-Ez North Local Government Area of Enugu State. Rev. Fr. Ali Paul Ifeanyi has a first degree in Philosophy and Theology. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 2015. He currently holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Masters Degreein Guidance and Counseling. He became the Principal of St Teresa's College Nsukka on the 28th of September, 2022. Alive

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