STC Nsukka Organizes her Cultural Week 2020

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STC Nsukka Organizes her Cultural Week 2020
Every society is guided by unique values, customs and traditions. These unique characteristics generally form the culture of a group of people.
Culture, they say, is all of a group’s guiding values and the outward signs and symbols taken together as one big whole. In Africa, traditions and culture are given their deserved esteem. A typical African is proud of his rich cultural heritage.
At STC, we have set aside Cultural Week to celebrate our culture.
STC Nsukka, being a multi-cultural and multinational institution, she will be celebrating the grand finale of her Cultural Week on Friday 21 February, 2020. The event will see staff, students, old boys and parents put up displays of the rich cultural ethos of Africa.
STC Nsukka is known for many things, among which are her rich curriculum contents, high academic and moral standards and for her world-class events. The Cultural Week will not be an exception of the standards. The events aim to showcase the rich culture of the ancient Nsukka (Nsukka Asadu Ideke Alumona).
Specifically, we are raising the bar higher this year. The 2020 Cultural Week features a musical play focused on the ever green cultural history of the old Nsukka Kingdom, Nigeria.The likes of Ikorodo dance, Ogbu Oja, Ogele/Egara, Osengwa, Akwasikwa(Uraka Agogo), Ogene Nsukka, the renowned STC Choir (Ndi Ukwe Umu akwukwo STC), among many others. Our Sister School St Catherines’s would also would be featured at various points.
At the Grand Finale on Friday 21st February, 2020, there would be conferment of awards to old boys who have made gigantic contributions to the society and to the school.
Below are the line of events for the Grand Finale on Friday 21st February, 2020. Typical of the event, they written in Igbo:
1. Misa di aso
2. Nnabata n’isi oche
3. Iwa oji
4. Ukwe nnabata
5. Ekene umu okpu oja
6. Ogene egwu odinala
7. Ukwe umu akwukwo
8. Iwa ji,iri ji ohuru Ukwe umu akwukwo
9. Nkwa umu agbogho nke Catherine di aso
10. Ikowa nri mb di iche iche
11. Ukwe umu akwukwo nke ndi Seminari nta
12. Echichi/ Igbu Opi
13. Egwu odinala Ikorodo/Egara
14. Iti mmonwu odinala
15. Ekele/Ekpere mmechi
The events of the Cultural Week has been top notch so far and the Grand Finale promises to go above and beyond expectations.
We have picture gallery below

Pictures from PH Branch Celebration Picture Gallery